Women's Health Education

Prolapse & Pessaries

Suitable for Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH) Diploma reaccreditation - 2.5hrs CME

This course is intended for doctors and nurses who are involved in the care of women. It will focus on the late postmenopausal changes that lead to atrophy and sometimes prolapse of the pelvic organs.

We will discuss the presentations of recurrent cystitis; urgency and incontinence; vaginal dryness with difficulty taking smears and “something coming down”. Assessment of these problems within a primary care setting, first line management options and the advice to be given will be covered in an interactive format that will allow questions to be asked and myths to be dispelled.

We learn how to assess, fit and monitor the use of supportive pessaries.

Dr Sarah Gray is delivering one of these sessions for Cornwall CEPN on 31 July 2019. Click here for details

Please tell us if you would like a session to be planned