Women's Health Education

Menopause Theory Course (FSRH Menopause Special Skills Module)

Crescetis has no plans to run a further FSRH Menopause Theory Course (Menopause Special Skills) in the future.
Dr Sarah Gray has continued to be involved with these courses in conjunction with Events 4 Healthcare (E4H).

We understand that the next planned course will be on the 28 November 2019 in Bristol.
We will signpost the course here when further details are announced.

Menopause Made Easy

Suitable for Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH) Diploma reaccreditation - 3hrs CME

This session will provide an introduction to menopause. It offers a simplification of the current evidence base and an explanation of the principles of assessment, management and prescribing. The course is developed around patient scenarios and will be very interactive. It is suitable for both doctors and nurses who are involved in the care of women.

Background: causes and symptoms and sequelae of menopause; why do some patients seek help and the basic principles of assessment.

What can women do for themselves and what can we offer? Lifestyle advice, complementary therapies, non hormonal and hormonal options will be reviewed and explained with samples to handle.

Risks and benefits: of treatment and of doing nothing
          This will focus on the key cardiovascular, breast, bone mental health and metabolic issues.

Perimenopausal contraception: what to choose and when to stop.

Review and questions

Last course August 2018
Please tell us if you would like to be informed of the date of the next course when arranged.